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Best Golf Courses in Phuket

Phuket is one of the known southern provinces in Thailand. The area features different tourist spots that you can visit, with breathtaking wonders, and some epic golf courses. Whether you plan on having a golf holiday or golf is just really your hobby. Here are some places in Phuket that you can visit to play golf. These golf courses will certainly be worth a visit while your staying in Phuket.

Best Golf Courses in (and around) Phuket

  1. Red Mountain Golf Club, Phuket

              This is probably one of the best golf courses in Phuket. The area has a very captivating scenery to the island of Phuket. The place is, in fact, very accessible to go. It is located in the center of the island and about 15 minutes ride to Phuket’s known beaches. The landscape is really one of the best places to see when you are in Phuket. In addition, Red Mountain Golf Club is the highest golf course on the island. (One of my personal favs)

  1. Mission Hills Phuket Golf Club Resort and Spa

               Designed by Jack Nicklaus, this golf course will surely be the most fascinating yet. The place exhibits the views of the Andaman Sea. This is surely a recommended golf resort to go in Phuket.

The design of the area is really eye-catching with a combination of green and turquoise, this will surely be a thing for landscapes. Aside from the best features of the place, it comes with a spa and clubhouse restaurant. While looking at the view or just heading back after a long hot stay under the sun, you can rest and have a snack in their resort.

  1. Krathong Golf Resort and Spa

               Actually in Phang Nga province just outside Phuket, Unlike other Golf clubs, the Krathong Golf Resort is known for the challenging areas for playing golf. The landscape and scenery are quite great. On the other side, this golf course is recommended for those pro golf players who want to test out their golfing ability. As for the place, it comes with mountain views and natural waterfalls. The area is really a challenge for golf players. Although it will take you an hour to get to the place since it is quite far.

  1. Blue Canyon Country Club, Canyon Course

               This is one of the most classic Golf courses in Phuket. It is said to be divided into two golf courses, such as the Tiger Woods and the Canyon course. The place is also captivating and provides challenges golf game for the landscape. This is said to be one of the most popular golf courses, not only in Phuket but into the whole of Thailand. Like other golf courses, it offers a clubhouse that includes spas and restaurants where people can enjoy and relax.

  1. Loch Palm Golf Club

               If you are only trying out golfing for the first time, then this place will surely be the most recommended golf course for you. The area is made for easy golfing that beginners can easily learn on. It is also known as one of the oldest golf courses in Phuket. It is covered with hills and even a jungle that you can view in the place.

(This is probably my most regular spot because of it’s central location. Just a heads up though as the driving range is beautiful, however the range balls are floating ones, as you hit into the lake)

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