Sunday, December 3, 2023

Beautiful Angels, Fabulous Cuisine and Master Chefs Combat Covid

The 9th Floor Restaurant and Bar has always been a Phuket gem of great style, cuisine and conviviality, which in these challenging times, are three excellent antidotes to the potential for gloom which might claim us!                        Pioneering as always, the 9th Floor brings you a kaleidoscope of fabulous promotions throughout September to beat the viral blues!

Situated in the very heart of (now sleepy) Patong, The 9th Floor Restaurant and Bar has established itself as an iconic universe of elegance and style with wonderful views over Patong, in which fabulous cuisine is served by beautifully-dressed waitresses welcoming you with an inviting “Wai” of Thai greeting.                                                                                                                      It is a haven of hedonistic conviviality and great taste, in every sense of that word…… ingredients which may be a little hard to enjoy in the current life of Phuket. 

Always at the cutting edge of innovation, The 9th Floor is tackling the present possibility for stay-at-home boredom, head-on with a carnival of dining and fun events every Thursday/Friday and Saturday through the month of September.

From show-casing Thailand’s leading chefs in their ‘Chefs-Without-Kitchens’ weekends, to ‘Angel’s Treats’ special featured menus, to a dine-and-stay promotion with the Deevana Resort and Spa (a mere short stagger after supper from the restaurant itself), The 9th Floor is not taking these virally-challenging times lying down,……….. and nor should you!

Leave behind the potential to lock your door and stay at home and join the uber-talented chefs, beautiful 9th Floor ‘angels’ and other hedonistic pleasure-seekers in celebrating great food, great fun and great life itself throughout September.

As you leave the annoying viral world behind and drift into the warm embrace of The 9th Floor’s welcoming space, you’ll take in the huge floor-to ceiling glass windows with the Andaman Sea dancing on the moonlit horizon. Feel the cool sea breezes wafting gently in from the ocean as you seat yourself at the bar serving terrific cocktails, local and international beers and offering a wine cellar with over 300 labels featuring a comprehensive selection of classic European wines, established New World favorites and emerging vintners and regions.

 One of the beautiful ‘angels’ appears, as if by magic, and hands you a menu to peruse. You’ll discover a wide selection of the best award-winning Mediterranean food in Thailand, as well as Alpine specialties and a superb Thai selection of dishes., not to mention the special ‘Chefs Without Kitchens’ and other events listed below.                                                                                      Relax as the cool jazz plays in the background and glinting wine glasses sparkle in the candle-glow and realise that there is nowhere in Phuket quite like the 9th Floor, and when you want to enjoy fabulous cuisine, warm hospitality and indeed “heavenly food served by angels” as an antidote to these challenging times, we are ready and waiting to serve you. 


The 9th Floor Restaurant and Bar,

47 Rat-U-Thid Rd. Sky Inn Condotel, 

Patong 83150 Phuket  

Tel: +66 (0) 76 344 311
email: contact@the9thfloor.com


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