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Baan Dusit Thani is a home away from home in the heart of downtown Bangkok. We’re more than just a group of restaurants & bars. We’re a community.

Baan means home in Thai. And that’s exactly what we’ve created here: an inviting and creative new community that maintains Dusit Thani’s storied legacy.

It features 5 outlets including 3 of Dusit Thani Bangkok’s signature outlets, redesigned conceptually and aesthetically.

  • The iconic Benjarong offers a modern spin on classic Thai dishes, all in an inviting yet upscale environment.
  • Our signature all day café Dusit Gourmet serves a wide range of premium coffees and teas as well as delicious, wholesome meals and freshly baked goods with a strong focus on Wellness with plant based menu items. By night, Dusit Gourmet’s Pool Bar provides an intimate outdoor setting for enjoying artisanal Gin & Tonics or innovative crafted drinks with friends and family.
  • The timeless Thien Duong serves an exciting range of authentic Vietnamese dishes in a comfortable setting with hip, modern décor, brasserie style.

We also have a Dancing Hall that accommodates weddings, seminars, cocktail receptions and other meeting events.

At Baan Dusit we welcome everyone, even pets.

We’re a home away from home for people of all walks of life in Bangkok.

As part of our commitment to building an inclusive community, we also host special events, and activities such as yoga sound bath classes, DJ nights and live music concerts, open air cinema, beer & wine festivals amongst other things.
We created Baan Dusit Thani with a strong sense of place in mind that can bring people from all horizons together: an affordable, approachable, multi generational place to live, work and play.

We are also very environment conscious and take sustainability very seriously. We salvaged a lot of old furniture and equipment from our Dusit Thani BKK hotel and incorporated it into the new design of each outlet. We reduce the use of plastic as well as food waste. We have our own herb and vegetable garden. We use local growers as much as possible and suppliers with strong ethical values such as our Thai tea that is hand picked and forest friendly. We want to be a role model for the community and for the hospitality scene in Bangkok.

Baan Dusit Thani has been a success overnight. We managed to create a place with a strong storytelling that can resonate with our fan base and a younger audience.

Our team is just amazing and speaks from the heart. It is service with kindness that sets emotional memories forever.

We are now living in an experience driven market. It is all about the experience, a personalized experience that will create emotional memories to escape to again and again. Connection is what people have always been looking for, and today Post Covid-19, more than ever, we will be looking for that connection to feel alive.

At Baan Dusit Thani, this is exactly what we offer, a world of thoughtfulness.

Jean-Michel Dixte

Managing Director at Baan Dusit Thani and a worldwide Hospitality expert

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