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Asians Obsession with White Skin


Asians Obsession with White Skin

In today’s world, you will perfectly notice that many people are in love with the idea of being white, most especially Asians. As you stroll around the mall, you can perfectly see women, even men, trying to find out the best whitening product for their skin. As you view your friends’ social media account stories, you can see the different whitening products that they flex. White skin. White skin. Can this be an obsession?

White skin. Flawless. Pinkish cheeks. These might be the idea of beauty to other Asians. Having dark skin can put you on shame, discrimination, rejection, and bullying. Most Asians don’t to be rejected most especially by society, and they perfectly think that with white skin, you can acquire not only true beauty but also acceptance. Asians, both men, and women spend much of their fortune just to spend the desires white skin. They will start undergoing some whitening procedures, whitening products, and glutathione. You can notice that most of the Asian celebrities have white skin and they pay a big amount of money just to maintain this. You can conceal your defective part and ugliness once you have white skin- this might be one of the reasons why Asians love to be white.

White Skin: Obsession or Standard?

Most Asians have the concept in their mind white skin reflects it all- your beauty and status in the society, if you have burnt skin, your probably work in the fields, if you are white you probably have a nice work. They may also want to be just like their celebrity idols who have skin white as snow. In terms of professionals, having white skin can help to be more presentable and easily accepted in the job applying for. They thought white skin is always the key to be, aside from skills, beauty, and wisdom. For Asians, white skin plays a necessary role in their daily living and every aspect of life. Once they don’t acquire their desired complexion, this can cause anxiety. They will start blaming themselves for not having their desired acquire not only true beauty and begin to live their unhappy on what they have. 

Obsession for white skin may be caused by self-hatred and rejection. Since Asians have set standards in terms of beauty and status through white skin, they are eager to eliminate their hatred by having white skin. 

To feel accepted by society, they will start taking some whitening or lightening supplements that will help them achieve their goal. Asians obsessed with white skin may encounter different risks in using different whitening products and procedures such as loss in melanin, skin damage and skin cancer.

As for the effect of this obsession, the proliferation of many business ventures that offer whitening procedures and sell skin whitening and lightening products can be seen. Increase in the sales of Glutathione, capsules, and cream are also visible. In every supermarket, you can see that there are always beauty products available since it contributes to the sales of the stores. The bandwagon of skin whitening has increased, and even multinational brands consume their money to promote these products. 


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