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Adventure Bike Tours in Asia


Adventure Bike Tours in Asia

You work hard every day. With your busy daily schedule, you tend to be stressed and tensed. You deserve to relax and release stress and tension that you feel with your hectic world. One of the best ways to unwind is to take adventure bike tours in Asia. 

Asia has a lot of countries which can offer you with a fantastic bike tour experience. If you love adventure and nature, exploring Asia through bicycling is perfect for you. 

If you seek adventure with your cycling passion, you can visit Japan’s silent bamboo forests, Vietnam’s sleepy fishing villages and crumbling hill forts on the road to Pushkar, Sri Lanka’s highland tea plantation and more. 

Top Asian Bike Tours 

To help you decide with your bicycling adventure, the following are among the popular bike tours that you can choose. 

  • Sri Lanka – Anuradhapura 

The Anuradhapura is among the famous heritage sites in the capital of the Kingdom of Rajarata. It is a beautiful scenic spot in Sri Lanka where you can enjoy your cycling habit. You will be amazed by the crumbling brick towers that reach the sky. You can explore the temple and enjoy a delicious lunch. You can also visit the local museum. 

  • Japan – Bamboo forests in Kyoto 

If you want to spend quality time with your family, special someone or friends, Kyoto Japan is the best destination for your adventure. If you are a nature lover, cycling in bamboo forests of Arashiyama can offer you a high level of relaxation and peace of mind. You can also ride along the Katsura River. Riding with your bike can help you discover the beauty of Tenryuji and Ryoanji temples. 

  • Vietnam – Nha Trang 

Vietnam’s coastal highway from Quy Nhon to Nha Trang is among the most breathtaking rides all over the world. It comes with the winding road with granite cliffs in the blue South China Sea. As you go, you can view the beautiful lagoons and islands and dunes. Nha Trang is famous as ‘Cannes of the Orient.’ You can also stop and taste the delicious grilled Nem Nuong (fermented pork mince) and hot Bun Cha Ca (sweet seafood broth with vermicelli noodles). 

  • Myanmar – Mount Popa

Myanmar can offer you a safe and beautiful cycling environment. You can enjoy along with the little villages and towering palm groves in Mt. Popa. The country has a gilded temple on the mountain flank with a fantastic view of the Myingyan Plain. 

  • India – Ranthambore National Park 

India has gorgeous tourist spots including the New Delhi’s iconic Red Fort and Taj Mahal. However, if you want something unique, you can ride from their Brahmin town of Bundi to Ranthambore National Park, which is the antique hunting ground of Maharajas of Jaipur. 

Aside from a wonderful biking experience, you can also enjoy the hyenas, leopards, Bengal tigers and nilgai on 4WD jeep safari. 

The Best Time for Biking Tours In Asia

The best time for biking tours in Asia will depend on the place you want to visit. Asian countries have different climates, so you must be familiar with it to make the best of your cycling adventure.