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8 Best Asia Countries to Try Adventure Surfing


Adventure Surfing

Asia has been the perfect continent when it comes to different adventures, especially when it comes to surfing. Countries in Asia have a lot to offer. You can mix your adventure surfing and try different local foods and meet new people. So, if you are looking for the best places to experience adventurous surfing, get your plane ticket now and head to Asia! But oh, where particularly in Asia? Well, take a chill and read this article. This will guide you with the best countries to surf.

8 Best Asia Countries to Try Adventure Surfing


  1. Philippines

If you want to surf around September to February, head right away in the Philippines! There is surfable coastline in this country. Aside from Boracay, another best spot in this country is none other than Siargao. It has the most popular barreling wave called Cloud 9, which is safe. If you have already tried Siargao and Boracay, there’s more! You can also try to have an adventure surfing in Camarines Sur, Calicoan Island, Sorsogon, Pagudpud, Palawan and Zambales. 


  1. Indonesia

The perfect time for your surfing adventure in Indonesia is May to September. The best spots are Mentawai, Lombok, and Bali. Since Indonesia is made up of around 17 000 islands, you can have a lot of selections. You can experience the best waves and nice hotels to check-in in this country. 


  1. Thailand

Try the best spots to surf in Thailand such as Phuket, Koh Phayam and Koh Lanta from April to October. You may think that Thailand has nothing to offer when it comes to surfing, but it has a lot of beaches and islands perfect for adventures. 


  1. Vietnam

If you are a beginner and willing to experience the best surfing, you can head to Vietnam! This country is perfect for surfers at beginner and intermediate level. The best places to surf in Vietnam are Da Nang, Nha Trang, Mui Ne, Phan Rang, and Vung Tau. 

  1. Cambodia

During July- October, you can have an excellent surfing adventure in Cambodia. You can have a great experience in Bamboo island, especially if you are a beginner since you can thrive with small waves. If you don’t have surfboards, there are so many board rentals that you can avail. 

  1. Malaysia

For any levels of surfer, you head to Malaysia. It offers astounding surfing experiences, especially from October to March. You can try Cherating and Tioman Island with excellent waves. You can rent boards, and if you are a beginner, you can seek help in local instructors. 

  1. Myanmar

Within June and July, you can go the best surfing spots in Cheduba Island and Ngwe Saung in Myanmar. You can experience adventurous waves and embrace an exciting board life. 


  1. Brunei

The ideal time is from October to March to surf in Brunei. Brunei surfing camps are suitable for beginners and intermediate. You can head to Tanjung and Berakas and learn more with the best surfing lessons

You can have amazing adventures suitable for all levels wherever you choose to go. All these countries offer spectacular waves where you can have the best board life you want. 

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