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10 Best Diving Spots in Asia

10 Best Diving Spots in Asia

We are now living in the modern world where some places have been polluted and contaminated. You also experience too much stress in your work, family or life. Find time to relax. You can do what you want, like diving in places that are clean, safe and abundant in natural life. Get your things, buy your ticket and head to- wait, where will you go? Chill, you’re in the appropriate place.

This article will help you locate the best diving spots in Asia. Yes, you read it right. There are so many perfect diving spots in this continent that you will surely love and enjoy. You can experience interacting with sea creatures and meet other people as you wander in these places. 


  1. Pulau Sipadan, Malaysia

In Malaysia, Palau Sipadan is the only oceanic island available. It has exciting features such as the turtle tomb. You can also see chambers with the remains of stuck and drowned green sea turtles that can be found in an underwater limestone cave that showcases narrow tunnels. 

  1. Similan Islands, Thailand

If you are looking for unaffected clownfish by anemone poison. You can find so many “Nemo” in this place. You can unwind with a great view of white sandy beaches, the scenery of boulders and dark blue water of Similan Island. 

  1. Derawan Islands, East Kalimantan, Indonesia

As you dive, you can experience stingless and pretty jellyfish in this place. Love the relaxing and pleasant island view this spot provides.

  1. Mergui Archipelago, Myanmar

Find something new; take a glance at a beautiful pest called red lionfish. If you want to explore through diving, you can head to this place. You can also experience dramatic and huge boulders, astonishing tunnels and drop-offs. 


  1. Raja Ampat Islands, Indonesia

Find a wide variety of coral and fish species in this place. All you need to do is prepare your diving equipment and get ready to wander the beauty of the place. 

  1. Andaman Islands, India

Changes are sometimes beautiful line ribboned sweetlips. The coloring of these species and pattern transforms all over its life. It has policies implemented by the government to ensure that the fish and coral species are protected. 


  1. Komodo Island, Indonesia

If you want something adventurous, try this diving spot. With 40-meter depths and strong currents, you can perfectly embrace your advanced diving life. You can also witness different sea creatures in this place. 


  1. Tulamben, Bali, Indonesia

If you want to experience thousands of marine species, Tulamben can give you that. It is the most famous diving sites available in Bali.  

  1. Kerama Islands, Okinawa, Japan

There are 76 dive sites in the Kerama Islands that are perfectly taken care of the local community. You can enjoy its natural oceanic ecosystem and wander with more tourism spots. 

  1. Tubbataha Reef National Marine Park, Philippines

Grab the chance to see Hawksbill sea turtle in this place! Upon seeing the place, you may fall in love since it has a lot of exciting features to offer. It has a wide variety of coral reefs and exciting variety of marine life. 


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