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The Year of the Super-A

FROM LONDON TO ASIA, every year, when January rolls around, like Sarah, the Duchess of York, we are determined to stick to our New Year fitness goals and start the year off right. This year the Duchess said that she wants to take control of how she ages. For the 40-plus, every year is a goal to defy age and achieve the ultimate looks victory – to become a Super-A when nobody can guess how old they are.

Super-A member – Sarah, the Duchess of York

From their studio in London, to their Asian retreats, Wayne Lèal and Josh Salzmann have changed the narrative around ageing. Too often viewed as synonymous with weakness—something to fear and prevent. The concept of ‘anti-ageing’ is marketed by companies to play on the fear of getting old.  

Ageing is inevitable, it teaches that by making smart lifestyle choices we can take control of how we age. Super-A re-casts the experience that comes with ageing as an asset to draw on, to learn from—as something to respect. They are building a community of Super-A’s—those who have ‘walked the walk’ for years.

‘None of us is the finished article, but we can experience a sense of total achievement.’ – Josh Salzmann

Only 5% of the population reach Super-A status: the status of being biologically younger than their chronological age. It should be an inspirational goal to people of all ages to become one.

Knowledge from Experience

Wayne and Josh are both 60-plus—part of the Baby Boomer generation that is one billion strong. They have over 80 years of combined fitness experience. They have seen trends come and go—from those that have shed light on important health and wellness issues, to those that should never have seen the light of day. 

No Magic Pill

Every fitness magazine you open, and every fitness site you click on, claims to give you the inside scoop on how to shed pounds and get a body like your favourite celebrity—a magic pill to ‘get fit quick’. 

The message from the Super-A founders is that there is no ‘magic pill’, no ‘get fit quick’ formula for chiselled abs or 20-inch biceps. This is wellness and longevity with core foundational principles and practices from years of experience, common sense, and self-experimentation.

‘Youth is wasted on the young…. become, a SUPER- A’Wayne Lèal

Super-A’s share collective health and fitness goals: achieving and maintaining a healthy height-to-waist ratio, maintaining a robust and active lifestyle through all decades of life; and tending to emotional as well as physical health.

Super-A’s create the mental habits that support their desired change. They learn how to develop an internalised behavioural expectation; when exercise and wellbeing is not an indulgence and becomes a habit for healthier longevity.

Their training focuses on their belief system; the one thing that many individuals may have lost control of. It breaks down the negativity and obstacles towards self-image, re-framing exercise from being a duty into a habitual – part of daily life.  Paradoxically the physical state directly affects mental and emotional wellbeing; how people feel, think, and behave. Using conscious movement, it forces them to look inwards into every area of their life. 

Wayne Lèal & Josh Salzmann



With this forward flow of life, people never seem to get to complete their fitness or eating healthy goals. Because staying motivated all year round isn’t easy as it sounds. This is where Wayne and Josh’s team, of Super-A online Trainers, come in, to help people create fitness content in the comfort of their home. Or on one of their long-stay retreats.


Achieving authenticity is in their DNA – the Super A Journal is their voice delivering their values, goals and culture.  It chronicles the stories of like-minded people – male and female – who are emerging and inspiring all of us, ranging in topics from fitness and lifestyle, to wellbeing and health news, and much, much more.


In 2021 they will be hosting Asian Wellness Retreats, incorporating the Super-A five pillars of exercise: Cardio, Balance, Strength, Flexibility, and Mobility. Another important component of the Retreat program is the Transtheoretical Model of Behavioural Change (TTM), which helps influence the mind to achieve a higher degree of physical and mental wellbeing, and all that accompanies it.  To observe and calibrate your energy – for improved body confidence and self-esteem, and a healthier lifestyle.

2021 – The Year of the Super-A is the year you take control of how you age. Join them and enjoy the bonds of shared knowledge and encouragement: priceless commodities that money can’t buy. 

Find out more @ www.supera.uk


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Ann Fitzgerald
Ann Fitzgerald
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